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Ghostly Activity Filmed at UK Pub

Security camera footage from a purportedly haunted pub in England seems to suggest that the establishment is home to a rather restless spirit.

The owners of Tyler's Kiln, located in the city of Canterbury, compiled several instances where the motion-capture camera at the pub picked up weird activity occurring when no one was there.

In the creepy collection, glasses can be seen moving on their own, doors are slammed shut, and chairs appear to be pulled by an unseen force.

But perhaps the most eerie event in the video is when an umbrella in the pub's beer garden suddenly pops open and almost looms over the patio area.

According to the owner of the pub, staff and patrons have long reported ghostly activity at the site, but even he was surprised by how much of it was caught on tape.

That said, much like last week's suspiciously similar footage from a bar in California, one can't help but note the fortuitous timing displayed by the ghost, who apparently decided to appear just in time for the Halloween season.

Additionally, since all of the activity featured in the footage presumably could have pulled off by way of simple shenanigans, the possibility that the 'poltergeist' was merely a publicity stunt should be strongly considered in this instance.

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Source: Daily Star

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