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Giant 'Alien Prints' Trouble Indian Village

Giant 'Alien Prints' Trouble Indian Village

In a bizarre story out of India, residents of a village there are living in fear following the discovery of dozens of giant 'alien footprints.'

The strange marking were found on Sunday morning after villagers reportedly heard something breathing heavily and lurking in their backyards during the night.

When they went out to investigate the situation in the light of day, they were amazed to see between twenty and thirty massive footprints that they could not identify as coming from any known animal.

One villager speculated that the footprints indicated that the creature that created them possessed a stride of up to three feet.

Unfortunately, word quickly spread throughout nearby communities and the village was swamped with curious observers who would up obliterating the prints.

This is particularly disappointing to paranormal enthusiasts as it seems that only one photo of the prints has emerged so far (seen above) and it is decidedly hard to decipher.

Nevertheless, those who live in the village are on edge and worried that the source of the tracks will come back to their community.

"Women and children are remaining indoors, fearing the alien," one resident told the New Indian Express.

Meanwhile, a government official conceded that they could not identify the prints and are planning to increase patrols in the area so that the villagers' fear can be assuaged.

The incident marks the third odd event to trouble a village in India over the last few weeks with a hair-cutting ghost tormenting one community and a possible poltergeist event taking place in another area of the country.

Why India has suddenly become a hotbed for such events is a mystery and, at this point, one is left only to wonder what sort of weird activity will befall the next unfortunate village in the country.

Source: New Indian Express

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