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Giant Block of Ice Falls from the Sky in Scotland

A family in Scotland were left baffled after an enormous piece of ice plummeted from the sky and landed with a thud in their backyard.

When the giant chunk of frozen material struck the ground outside the home of the Helliwell family on Tuesday morning, it left a massive crater that was around four feet wide.

According to a family friend who was in the home at the time, the impact was so great that she actually heard a booming sound and felt the house shake, leaving her wondering if there had been some kind of explosion.

Those concerns were relieved after she went outside to investigated and spotted the huge ball of ice sitting in the backyard.

As to where the weird object may have come from, the prevalent theory is that it was frozen condensation which collected on an aircraft and subsequently became dislodged.

That said, it could also be a case of the mysterious weather phenomenon known as a megacryometeor, where atmospheric conditions create a giant piece of ice through a process that scientists still do not understand.

Regardless, the Helliwell family is just happy that the ice happened to fall on a Tuesday rather than during the weekend when one of their children could have been hit by the odd object.

Source: Mirror

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