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Giant Cat May Be World's Longest

An enormous cat in Australia has become an overnight sensation due to its jaw-dropping size which may net the monstrous feline a world record.

The Maine Coon dubbed 'Omar' initially caught the attention of the Internet when his owner, Stephy Hirst, created an Instagram account for the cat a few weeks ago.

As often happens online, astounded cat lovers marveled at Omar's immense size and the feline soon amassed a hefty following worthy of its epic proportions.

Newspaper articles as well as television appearances soon followed for the unexpected star and its owner.

The feline's fifteen minutes of fame could be leading to something even bigger for the giant cat as Guinness reached out to Hirst and suggested that she submit Omar's measurements to their record keepers.

The group explained that Omar very well may be the world's longest cat and that his alleged length of three feet and eleven inches would best the current record-holder by a handful of centimeters.

After going through the proper channels to document Omar's size, Hirst is currently awaiting word from Guinness as to whether or not the cat can claim the unique title.

Remarkably, Hirst says that she suspected that Omar may be the world's longest cat, but hadn't pursued the idea ... because the three-year-old feline is still growing!

Source: Maroondah Leader

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