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Giant Celtic Cross Found Hidden in Irish Forest

Initially spotted by puzzled airline passengers flying over a forest in Ireland, drone footage has revealed a massive Celtic Cross that had been hidden until now.

The enormous arboreal wonder, which was seemingly first noticed this autumn, measures over 300 feet long and more than 200 feet wide.

Although the source of the incredible design was deemed a mystery at first, a subsequent investigation determined who was responsible for the epic artwork.

According to the television network ITV, a man named Liam Emmery produced the breathtaking visual by planting different species of trees to form the shape of the iconic symbol.

Unfortunately, Emmery passed away in 2010 and, incredibly, his family had actually forgotten about the project until they were contacted by the media about it.

"If he was here, we'd all have heard about it, because he would have been so proud," his wife told the news station.

While we wish that Emmery had been able to take credit for his creation now that the world knows about it, we're guessing that, much like the drone that captured it on film, he's looking down and smiling over a job well done.

Source: ITV

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