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Giant Chunk of Ice Rips Through Roof of Home in California

A massive chunk of ice plummeted down from the sky and tore a huge hole in the roof of a home in California over the weekend.

Although they are likely looking at some costly repairs to their house in the city of Chino, Brandon Blanchard and his family are actually feeling pretty lucky after the odd incident.

That's because his wife had been sitting only a few feet from where the frozen missile eventually came to land in the home after it had ripped through several layers of the roof, including ceiling tiles and drywall.

Incredibly, the incoming icy object actually created a two-and-a-half foot diameter hole in the roof of the house by way of its size and velocity.

Its path of destruction eventually stopped in a bathtub, which prevented any further damage to the home.

"Just wild, wild and bizarre, and every day we realize how fortunate we are," Blanchard reflected to the Press-Enterprise.

That would certainly seem to be the case since, beyond the fact that no one was hurt during the crash, the ice was apparently not the infamous blue ice that comes from airplane lavatories and, instead, turned out to be clear.

Be that as it may, let's hope they didn't pick any of it up during the chaos that probably erupted when they realized that a chunk of ice had just slammed through their home.

Source: Press-Enterprise

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