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Giant Crop Circle Irks Farmer

A massive crop circle that recently appeared in England proved to be an enormous headache for one beleaguered farm owner.

The jaw-dropping formation, which measures an astounding 200 feet, was discovered earlier this month on a property in the English county of Wiltshire.

Unfortunately for the farm's owner, Shelley Klindt, her hopes that it would fly under the proverbial radar were dashed when drone footage of the crop circle appeared online, unleashing hordes of onlookers upon her property.

After word of the formation spread, hundreds of people flocked to the farm to see the design, much to Klindt's chagrin, since as is often the case with crop circle chasers, the visitors have seemingly made themselves at home in the fields of the farm.

"Eight or nine people were there camping out in the middle of the circle to watch the Perseid meteor shower," Klindt lamented to the BBC, "and this morning I got a call at 4:30 AM to say there was a van with 'love' on it and a man with a magical cape dancing around with incense sticks."

As one can imagine, the influx of curious crop circle seekers was pretty irritating for the farm owner, who had already lost an estimated 8 tons of grain due to the undesired design.

The property's impromptu transition from farm to tourist attraction forced Klindt to bring in a cherry picker to allow people to get a better look at the formation without damaging more crops.

While she likely did not recoup all of the money lost from the creation of the formation, the farm owner charged visitors around $2.50 in an attempt to at least provide some financial relief from the incident.

And, fortunately for Klindt, the craziness conjured by the crop circle was only temporary as a subsequent harvest of the field containing the formation essentially erased the design and freed the farmer from her unwanted role as the proprietor of a paranormal mystery site.

Source: BBC

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