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Giant Prehistoric Shell Discovered in Buenos Aires

Giant Prehistoric Shell Discovered in Buenos Aires

A farmer in Buenos Aires made a colossal discovery on Christmas Day when he uncovered this enormous ancient shell inside of a river bank.

After spotting a small portion of the object, Jose Antonio Nievas dug around it and eventually unearthed the complete spherical wonder.

Originally, he believed that it was a dinosaur egg, but experts who have examined images of the three-foot-long object are fairly convinced that it is the shell of a prehistoric form of armadillo, known as the glyptodont.

The monstrous glyptodont resided in the region 10,000 years ago, boasting armored skin and weighing nearly a ton.

This discovery is of particular interest to researchers because glyptodont shells are rarely found in such good condition.

However, they caution that until the potential shell can be thoroughly examined, the possibility of a hoax cannot be ruled out.

Given its nearly pristine condition and the nature of its discovery, Adrian Lister of London's Natural History Museum told the Daily Mail that "it would be an ingenious hoaxer who would construct such a thing."

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