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Glynis McCants Transcript Excerpt

Glynis McCants Transcript Excerpt

NumerologistGlynis McCants(1) was our special guest in Streamlink's(2) Live Chat last week, offering personal readings and commentary. Below is her presentation on Personal Year Cycles. Members can view the entire transcript(3).
Glynis McCants
Hello Everyone! It is great to be here. I am going to start tonight trusting that you all already know your Life Path Number. Even if you do not know your Life Path number, you can still learn how to find out what Personal year Cycle you are in which is what I want to open with.
I am inspired to do this because of the surprise and tragic passing of Steve Irwin. When something like this happens, I always want to know what cycle the person was in when it happened. Well, sure enough, Steve Irvin was in a personal cycle of 5. In my book Glynis Has Your Number, it says it is NEVER WISE to take any risks in your Personal Year cycle of 5.I realize Steve Irwin's whole career was about risk taking, but in this cycle- especially because it was toxic to his Life Path 6, his luck had ran out. The fact that the stingray had stung him right through his heart is also so dramatic. And for the record, the number 5 attracts drama like no other number. Another thing worth noting is that Steve Irwin was born on the Master Number day 22, and I truly do believe he had mastered his life before he passed. He truly was blessed to live a life full of passion, doing exactly what he wanted to do. How many of us can say that? May God Bless him.
Now, let's take a look at what Personal Year cycle you are in, and what each cycle means. To be clear, there are only 9 cycles. What you do is simply add your month and day, and break it down to one digit. Ex. someone born on 8-12. Now add 8+1+2 = 11=1+1 = 2. Note: ALWAYS REDUCE THE NUMBER TO ONE DIGIT. Then you add the Number 2 to the World Number which this year is an 8 ( Why? because 2006 = 2+0+0+6= 8). So 2 +8 = 10= 1+0=1. So this year, a person born on 8-12 is in a Personal Year Cycle of 1. If you are in personal year cycle of 1, it is time to get in the driver's seat of your life. Take control. No matter, it is time for you to call the shots. I will give you another moment to really get your personal year number....
Here are the others:
Personal Year of 2:
This is a year to welcome a loving relationship. If you are thinking of getting married, this is a great year to do so. You need to really trust your intuition because it is particularly strong in this cycle of 2. It is a year to get in touch with your deepest emotions.
Personal Year of 3:
This is the year to really communicate. Get in touch with your inner child and have fun. Laughter is key. Be spontaneous-Take a writing course, go out for karaoke night. HAVE FUN!
Personal year of 4:
This is a year to educate yourself. If there is something you feel naïve about- such as the computer, this is a year to take a class and really learn. This is also a time to consider refinancing or finding a new way to save money. You also might to do things to upgrade the value of your home or apartment. Do things to make you feel better about your environment.
Personal Year of 5:
As I already said earlier, this is a cycle that can make you feel like your life is out of your control. Take a deep breath, you are going to be okay. Just pay close attention to all the details. Ex. Make sure you get your brakes checked on your car. Don't leave anything to chance. This is not a year to start a new relationship, quit a job, or move.
Personal Year of 6:
This year is a welcome relief after coming out of the cycle of 5. You will definitely feel you are in charge again. This is the year to buy a house, quit a job, or end a relationship. It is also a good year to start a healthy relationship. You can sign a contract in this cycle and not regret it. If you want to have a child, this is a perfect year to get pregnant.
Personal Year of 7:
This is a year to work on your spirituality. You can find the answers to, "Who am I ? What am I ? And Why am I here?" in this cycle of 7. It is also a year to commune with nature. The ocean, mountains, plants and flowers will hold a deeper meaning for you during this time. Like the 2 cycle, be sure to trust your intuition. The most powerful answers will come from within.
Personal Year of 8:
This is a year that is all about improving your relationship with money. Whether you learn how to invest, start your own company, and move up the ladder at the company you are already working for, it is a year focused on increasing your income. Taking advice is difficult to do during this cycle, so try to be open to what people have to say. You can only benefit from it. I promise!
Personal Year of 9:
This is A GREAT cycle. It is a time to clear your space for NEW BEGINNINGS. Throw out anything that you do not use or need. Everything you have worked hard for in the last 9 years, you finally get a pay off. Something good is bound to happen! Any unresolved issues you may have with family, this is the time to work on forgiveness and letting go of past regressions.

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