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Google Earth Updates Area 51 Images

Google Earth Updates Area 51 Images

An updated view of Area 51 from Google Earth provides researchers with a tantalizing new glimpse of the notoriously secret military installation.

The most revelatory detail from the photos, the first Area 51 images from Google since 2011, appears to be the presence of a giant hangar at the southern end of the base.

Although construction of the building had been discussed in the past, these new images from Google provide an unprecedented look at the structure, which is said to now be the tallest building at Area 51.

The purpose of the hangar, of course, remains open to speculation, since there could be any number of possible craft being tested at the facility.

Included in the Google release is also a look at the 'other' secret military base that has made news in recent years: Area 6, which continues to expand as it continues testing what are believed to be drone programs.

Unfortunately, as one might expect, the Google images do not reveal any evidence of clandestine UFO activity or anything particularly exotic.

That said, they just may constitute the closest anyone outside of those 'in the know' are allowed to explore the vaunted facility.

Coast Insiders looking to learn more about the legendary military base that some suspect to be the home of secret alien technology can check out George Knapp's special episode commemorating the 25th anniversary of his investigative reports which introduced Area 51 to the world.

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Source: The Drive

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