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Group of Norwegians Want to Give a Mountain to Finland

Group of Norwegians Want to Give a Mountain to Finland

A movement is underway in Norway to give a mountaintop to neighboring Finland to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the nation's independence.

Halti mountain primarily exists within Finland but its peak crosses the border in Norway.

Generous Norwegians have taken to Facebook to urge their country to give the mountaintop to Finland as a gesture of good will.

The campaign's Facebook page asks "how many countries can brag about having given a mountain as a gift?"

Proponents of the plan say that the exchange would be relatively simple and only require small changes to existing maps.

However, some Norwegians are reticent to relinquish the Halti peak.

One online commentator groused that it would require too much paperwork and strangely expressed concern about how the exchange would effect the nation's census of wolves and elk.

Beyond the nationality of the creatures that live on Halti, perhaps the bigger question is: how do you wrap a mountain top?

Source: BBC

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