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Hackers Allegedly Infiltrate NASA Computers

Hackers Allegedly Infiltrate NASA Computers

A group of hackers claim they broke into NASA's computer system and not only acquired a wealth of data possibly related to geoengineering, but also almost crashed a drone!

The hackers, part of an organization known as AnonSec, say that the breach of NASA's system was an inadvertent development which arose due to the spread of a virus which has spread throughout the Internet.

Once they realized they had access to NASA's network, the group spent months exploring the system and uncovering a wealth of information on space agency missions, hardware, and facilities.

At one point, the hackers allegedly discovered how NASA programs the flight paths for drones and, after much debate, decided to override one programmed route in an attempt to crash a UAV in the ocean.

However, once their nefarious flight path was implemented, NASA seemingly spotted the erratic route and regained control of the drone.

It appears that the incident served as a wake up call to NASA officials, because the hackers' access to the computer system was swiftly cut off shortly thereafter.

Nonetheless, the group managed to acquire an incredible 631 videos from the space agency as well as thousands of flight logs and employee information, totaling an astounding 276 gigabytes of pilfered data.

The driving force behind the hacking operation, the group says, was to raise awareness about NASA's work on geoengineering projects such as chemtrails.

Source: Infowars

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