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Half-Eaten Shark Found on Florida Beach

Half-Eaten Shark Found on Florida Beach

Beachgoers in Florida were shocked to discover the haunting remains of a half-eaten shark that had washed ashore over the weekend.

Wildlife officials estimate that the creature, which was found off the coast of the city of New Smyrna Beach, had been five feet long prior to the encounter that killed it.

Indeed, in perhaps the most unsettling aspect of the story, the normally fearsome shark was apparently seen as easy prey to something much larger lurking in the ocean.

Some residents have even suggested that the creature had fallen victim to a massive great white shark known to Katherine that earned some measure of fame after oceanographers tagged and tracked the beast.

While we may never know if Katherine truly was responsible for the death of the New Smyrna Beach shark, the incident is a stark reminder that, when it comes to fearsome creatures, there's clearly plenty of other fish in the sea.

Source: WKMG Orlando

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