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'Hammock Drone' Video is a Hoax

A remarkable video from the eastern European country of Georgia purportedly showing a man lounging in a hammock hung from a drone has been revealed to be a hoax.

The jaw-dropping footage appeared online earlier this week and quickly went viral as viewers marveled at the man's ingenuity and bravery as the hammock swung perilously close to power lines.

However, much like many viral videos, there's apparently more to the story than meets the eye.

Drone experts and technology buffs initially expressed skepticism that the relatively small UAV had the power to carry a person in such a manner.

Their suspicions were later confirmed when a business in the area admitted to staging the scene as a publicity stunt and explained that the 'man' in the hammock was actually a mannequin.

While the prank served its purpose in generating a massive amount of attention, the downside may be that most people will never hear about how it was fake and may attempt similar hammock antics themselves.

Source: Gephardt Daily

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