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'Hand of God' Appears over Arizona

In a remarkable confluence of light and shadow or a divine message, what appears to be an outstretched hand was allegedly photographed in the sky over Arizona.

The image was sent to a YouTube channel that showcases breathtaking weather and space events.

While sifting through an array of photos submitted by viewers, the creator of the channel noticed the eye-catching image and posted it in a recent video.

"To the best of my knowledge," he says, "that is not a Photoshop. That was emailed to me and that's all I know."

Since the backstory for the photo is nonexistent, it's entirely possible that it is a digital creation, but that does not deter some observers who believe that it is a sign 'from above.'

Unless someone steps forward and admits to making it on their computer, the nature of the anomaly will likely remain a matter of faith.

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Source: Express

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