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Has Hitler’s "Ghost Train" Been Found?

Has Hitler’s

Two men claim to have found a legendary Nazi "Ghost Train" laden with gems, gold and valuable art that disappeared at the close of World War II. According to local legends the train literally vanished into a labyrinth of secret tunnels beneath the Owl Mountains in Poland as the German army fled from the Soviets in May 1945.

The tunnels were part of an unfinished secret Nazi project known as "Riese" (Giant). While the "ghost train" legend has captured the imagination of Poles for 70 years, historians have been unable to prove its existence. But that may change soon as Polish officials investigate the claim. Marika Tokarska, an official in the Polish district of Walbrzych told AP, "We believe that a train has been found. We are taking this seriously."

Tokarska’s office received two letters this month from a law firm representing the anonymous men. They are asking for ten percent of the value of the train’s cargo as a finder’s fee in exchange for revealing its location. Hiring a law firm gives the two men credibility, Tokarska divulged. They also appear to have knowledge of the valuables hidden away on the train.

Tokarska said that the district governor has gathered firefighters, police and others to discuss how to safely handle the train if it has been found. Among their fears - the train may be armed with explosives and underground methane gas could cause an explosion if they improperly handle the Nazi horde. It is unclear if paranormal experts will be involved in the recovery as a portion of Hitler’s vast occult collection may be cached on the ghost train as well. "It could be dangerous," Tokarska admitted. Further details here.

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