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Has 'Planet 10' Been Detected?

Has 'Planet 10' Been Detected?

Astronomers observing the mysterious Kuiper Belt deep in space believe they may have detected signs of heretofore undiscovered large planet in our solar system.

In a newly-published paper, the researchers say that they've spotted strange perturbations in the orbits of some space rocks lingering in the mass of icy debris and other materials which make up the Kuiper Belt.

By working through calculations involving the tilt of these objects and other astronomical factors, they concluded that "something as massive as Mars would be needed to cause the warp that we measured."

If this sounds familiar, that is because a similar discovery was made back in January of 2016, when scientists from Caltech announced that something three-times-larger than Earth was seemingly influencing objects in the Kuiper Belt.

Dubbed 'Planet Nine,' that object is distinctly different in size from this newfound theoretical world, which is why the latest find is being called 'Planet Ten.'

And, astronomers say, there may be more where that came from as future telescopes will allow researchers to see far more objects in the Kuiper Belt and, in turn, be able to measure if they are being influenced by something 'out there' such as an eleventh or twelfth planet.

Meanwhile, the dual discoveries could cause a conundrum for the conspiracy community as one is left to wonder which of the two worlds is the infamous Planet X or if the notorious home of the Niburu is still somewhere lurking out in space.

Source: Space.com

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