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Has the Amber Room Been Found?

Has the Amber Room Been Found?

A Polish historian believes he has discovered the elusive location of the legendary and long lost Amber Room which was stolen from Russia by the Nazis during WWII.

The incredibly ornate paneling of amber and gold leaf once resided at Russia's Catherine Palace, but was pilfered by encroaching German forces during the war.

In the years following the war, the Amber Room was never recovered and became the subject of innumerable theories as to what became of it as well as several treasure hunts which proved fruitless.

However, a new promising new theory has emerged out of Poland after ground penetrating radar of a Nazi bunker revealed a hidden underground room.

The historian who made the discovery has expressed near certainty that the bunker is hiding the Amber Room and hopes that local authorities will make a concerted effort to investigate the site.

His theory is not without some merit as the region where the bunker is located was where Hitler ordered stolen treasures to be taken as the war was nearing its end.

Some historians have speculated that the Amber Room was lost during intense bombing of the area by the British Royal Air force during the war.

But this new discovery gives hope to the possibility that the vaunted treasure survived the carnage and has been waiting for be discovered all this time.

Source: Seattle Times

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