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'Haunted Detergent' Terrifies Australian Cop

A police officer in Australia is convinced that his home is haunted after filming an eerie episode where a laundry detergent bottle seemingly slid across the machine on its own.

Jonny Edwards claims that he was home alone when he heard strange noises from the laundry room and went to investigate the situation.

Since he and his partner had previously experienced other odd activity in the house after they moved in last year, Edwards likely suspected that it was 'the ghost' and, as such, whipped out his cell phone to film the scene.

As he is explaining the situation, the young man's tale is stopped in its tracks when the laundry detergent bottle effortlessly moves across the top of the washing machine.

Edwards reaction may result in some ribbing down at the station, because he immediately yelps out, "oh my, God" and runs out of the room in fright.

In light of previous strange events, like picture frames falling off walls but not breaking and doors being unlocked at random times, Edwards now has no doubt that there is some kind of spirit residing in the home.

Of course, a skeptical viewer may suggest that the scene was fabricated by Edwards to amuse his friends online, one would like to think that a police officer would be above such shenanigans.

Additionally, it would be rather foolhardy for Edwards to have faked the scene, since he will surely be teased by his colleagues and it may even hinder his career in law enforcement.

Then again, the call of viral fame, however brief, is a powerful siren song.

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Source: Mirror

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