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'Haunted' Doll Strikes Again?

'Haunted' Doll Strikes Again?

After purchasing a purportedly 'haunted' doll from a woman in England who wished to get rid of it, a paranormal researcher claims that the figurine attacked his father!

The eerie-looking doll spawned headlines around the world last month when Debbie Merrick detailed how the creepy toy was tormenting her family.

No doubt fueled by the media coverage surrounding the case, the doll wound up being the center of a bidding war among paranormal enthusiasts looking to get their hands on the odd item.

Ghost hunter Lee Steer eventually purchased the doll for a little over $1,000 dollars, but soon found out that Merrick's stories about the object were seemingly true.

A mere two days after bringing the doll into his home, Steer says, his father was inflicted with a series of inexplicable scratches on his arm that resembled the same wounds allegedly found on the leg of Merrick's husband.

According to Steer, the unnerving 'attack' was just one of many weird events that suddenly began happening in the home, including unexplained sounds and lights flickering for no apparent reason.

Although his father is not thrilled about the doll coming to live with them, Steer is less concerned and hopes that the figurine will conjure more ghostly activity so that he can document it.

That said, should he be the next person attacked by the doll, Steer may change his tune and decide to follow the same path that its previous owners chose by pawning it off onto someone else who is foolish enough to want the 'haunted' figurine.

Source: Daily Mail

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