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'Haunted' Doll Terrorizes Family

'Haunted' Doll Terrorizes Family

A family in England claims that they are living in constant fear after bringing a 'haunted' doll into their home and subsequently experiencing eerie activity seemingly caused by the creepy-looking toy.

Debbie Merrick says that strange happenings began to unfold soon after she purchased the spooky doll and placed it in a spare room of the house.

Within a few days, smoke alarms in the home began to inexplicably go off and the family heard unexplained sounds akin to someone or something moving around in the house.

However, things took a more worrisome turn one morning when Merrick's husband woke up to discover mysterious scratches all over his leg and realized that the marks were about the same size as the doll's hand!

When one of Merrick's friends, who happens to be a psychic medium, visited the home, the clairvoyant became deeply disturbed by the doll and insisted that it had a nefarious spirit inside of it.

Seemingly fed up with their unwanted and meddlesome houseguest, the family decided to place the doll inside of a storage container in their garage in the hopes of ridding themselves of the unsettling activity.

But it would appear that this did not deter the doll as a later visit to the garage where the bin was kept revealed that the figurine had managed to somehow remove a necklace that had been wrapped around its neck multiple times.

Deciding that enough was enough, Merrick has now put the doll up for auction on eBay at a rather paltry asking price since their goal is just to get rid of it rather than profit from the piece.

To that end, if they cannot find a buyer for the doll online, the family says that they will simply give it away to a charity shop.

Should that plan fail, they could always try and locate the dad with the haunted doll collection that is driving his family crazy, because we're pretty sure he'd be interested in taking the item off of their hands.

Source: The Sun

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