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'Haunted' Hotel Irks Airline Crew

'Haunted' Hotel Irks Airline Crew

The crew of an Air India flight which regularly travels to Chicago are finding their work more rigorous than usual due to what they believe to be a haunted hotel.

The unsettled travelers claim that their recurring stays in the Windy City have been plagued with paranormal activity due to the lodging chosen by their parent company.

Apparently fed up with losing sleep due to unruly spirits, one crew member actually penned a letter to their supervisors asking for help.

The plaintive missive states that they are "facing negative energies" by way of the haunted hotel, which unfortunately goes unnamed in the letter, and that the crew cannot get any rest due to the incidents "playing in our mind."

According to the message, the weird events have been taking place since the crew first started staying there in mid-November and, at least for the person who penned the plea, it's proven to be too much to bear as they personally requested to be taken off the flight assignment.

And, in a chilling ending to the letter, the unnerved employee warns "let's not wait for any mishappening to happen," suggesting that a disoriented crew flying from Chicago to India is a disaster waiting to unfold.

When asked for comment by an Indian media outlet, the airline simply said that they are investigating the matter.

Whether that means they'll be prowling the halls of the hotel with recorders looking for EVPs or simply switching the crew's hotel assignment remains to be seen.

But for those scheduled to travel on the airline from Chicago over to India, you might want to see what other flights might be available, lest you wind up with an airline crew that's been up all night thanks to ghosts.

Source: India Today

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