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Haunting 'Ghost Plane' Mystery Unfolds in Michigan

Haunting 'Ghost Plane' Mystery Unfolds in Michigan

The crash of a small plane in a remote part of Ontario last week spawned a baffling mystery that appears to have a tragic ending.

Authorities investigating the downed Cessna were confounded to find that there was no pilot aboard the aircraft when they arrived on the scene.

Additionally, the snow around the site gave no indication that anyone had escaped from the wreckage, meaning that the pilot had inexplicably abandoned the aircraft at some point during the flight.

The plane was subsequently traced back to a company in Ann Arbor, Michigan that had rented it to a graduate student from the University of Michigan who had been taking flying lessons.

These details as well as the flight path of the plane over the Great Lakes have led police to the grim conclusion that the pilot-in-training jumped from the aircraft in order to take his own life.

As such, they have suspended searching for the young man, making his presumed final resting place a mystery as well as the more haunting question of what drove him to such drastic and elaborate measures also unanswered.

Source: Michigan Live

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