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Hawking Suggests Unsettling Safeguard Against AI

Hawking Suggests Unsettling Safeguard Against AI

Once again warning about the dangers associated with artificial intelligence, Stephen Hawking offered a solution that may have some people siding with the robots.

In an interview discussing yet another award bestowed upon the renowned theoretical physicist and pop culture icon, Hawking expressed concern about humanity's headlong embrace of technology.

However, Hawking's answer to the problem presents a veritable Sophie's Choice for anyone trying to avoid a dystopian future: a one world government.

Lest one think that Hawking hadn't considered the downside of such an idea, he did conceded that it turn tyrannous.

Unfortunately, he did not extrapolate on the concept of needing a one world government to better guard against a robot uprising, leaving experts and pundits to parse his words for meaning rendering the issue more of a thought exercise rather than an actual concern.

On one side are those who say that global oversight of advancing technologies is necessary to essentially safeguard humans from themselves as well as the robots.

Conversely, critics argue that humans are ostensibly clever enough to prevent a robot uprising and that such a scenario is science fiction.

Ultimately, one fears that the debate over what to do about AI will continue well into the future, until we suddenly realize that we are living under a one world government ... run by robots!

Source: Christian Science Monitor

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