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'Heat-Resistant' Chocolate Invented

'Heat-Resistant' Chocolate Invented

A Swiss company is touting their new 'unmeltable' chocolate as a potential game changer for the confection industry.

Wholesale chocolate maker Barry Callebaut have developed a form of chocolate that can withstand temperatures of up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. That's nearly 40 degrees more than the current threshold for chocolate.

The company believes the new heat-resistant recipe will allow for far greater distribution of chocolate-based sweets to parts of the world where transporting such candy requires extensive refrigeration.

Overcoming that obstacle should allow for a drastic reduction in the price of chocolate in places like the Middle East and Africa, where it is more of a luxury item rather than a snack for the general population.

The recipe represents a breakthrough, of sorts, in a veritable chocolate 'arms race' as various companies have attempted to develop similar heat-resistant concoctions for decades.

With heat-resistant chocolate having been achieved, could crumb-less cookies be next?

Source: Daily Mail

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