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Hendrix Statue in UK Reportedly Plays Ghostly Music

Hendrix Statue in UK Reportedly Plays Ghostly Music

A statue of rock legend Jimi Hendrix on the Isle of Wight in the UK has reportedly been the center of some strange paranormal activity over the last few weeks.

An area resident claims that iconic songs from the late guitarist seemingly emanate from the statue every evening.

"Barely a night goes by when we aren't serenaded by the spirit of Jimi and his famed guitar," Joe Heydon told the Isle of Wight County Press.

According to him, the eerie 'performances' always begin just as he is falling asleep and can range from a few minutes to all night long.

Heydon's story is somewhat bolstered by the experience of a paranormal investigator who visited the statue in the hopes of also hearing the otherworldly music.

Ghost hunter Flora Pilo camped out at the site with recording equipment for three nights, but did not capture any music coming from the statue.

However, as soon as she went home, Pilo claims, she distinctly heard Hendrix's song 'Voodoo Child' when she got into bed to go to sleep.

One might argue that the alternate location for the potential ghostly activity suggests that pranksters may not be behind the music at the statue.

That said, skeptics will no doubt suggest that is exactly what is happening and that Pilo only heard the song at home because she'd spent three days thinking about the rock legend.

Nonetheless, now that word of the weird activity has spread, other paranormal researchers plan to visit the statue and conduct their own investigations.

While they may not capture a new Hendrix release from 'the other side', perhaps they will find a talented guitarist hiding nearby who can mimic the legend's enormous skills and, thus, discover the 'next big thing' in music.

Source: Isle of Wight County Press

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