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Hermit Crab Sports Creepy 'Shell'

Hermit Crab Sports Creepy 'Shell'

An industrious hermit crab on an island in the Pacific fashioned a nightmarish new shell for itself by way of a discarded doll's head!

The creepy creature was spotted by Reddit user 'jamspangle' on Henderson Island, a south Pacific location that is notorious for being overrun with litter deposited there by ocean currents.

Although the problem is an ecological disaster for the uninhabited island, for this particular crab, it would appear that one person's trash turned into just the right treasure for the creature that was looking for a new shell.

On that note, it's probably for the best that there is no one living on the island, since one can only imagine the terror that would ensue should an unsuspecting beachgoer encounter the haunting crab crawling their way.

Source: UPI

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