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Hidden Tut Chamber Reportedly "Full of Treasures"

Hidden Tut Chamber Reportedly

In an interview with a Spanish newspaper, Egypt's Tourism Minister shared a tantalizing clue as to what may have been found in the hidden chamber recently discovered at Tutankhamun's tomb.

Hisham Zaazou indicated to the newspaper that the chamber served as a tomb for a woman but that her identity has yet to be determined by researchers.

However, his subsequent statement to the paper is what has Egyptologists buzzing.

"It is full of treasures," he revealed, "it will be a 'Big Bang,' the discovery of the 21st Century."

An investigation into the hidden chamber has been underway since late 2015 when ground-penetrating radar appeared to confirm the presence of the previously unknown location.

Since that time, the chamber research has been shrouded in secrecy until the stunning statements from Zaazou.

According to the Tourism Minister, an official announcement of the findings is scheduled for April and "it will be historic."

Whether Zaazou is still employed by the Egyptian government or fired for leaking the enormous news will probably also be revealed around that time as well.

Source: Nile Magazine

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