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High School Under Fire for Enlisting Exorcist to Help 'Possessed' Students

High School Under Fire for Enlisting Exorcist to Help 'Possessed' Students

By Tim Binnall

Administrators at a high school in India are being taken to task by their supervisors after it was revealed that they enlisted an exorcist to help a group of seemingly possessed students. The strange incident reportedly occurred in the town of Bhimtal a few weeks ago when a teenage girl "started doing bizarre activities like breaking chairs and shouting loudly." When some of her concerned classmates attempted to help the troubled youngster, they also began exhibiting similar bizarre behavior.

According to the school's principal, the group of five teenage girls remained "possessed" for the next three or four days and their condition appeared to be steadily worsening. This ultimately led administrators and town officials to turn to a local practitioner of a type of magic known as 'Jagar,' which is described as "a form of ancestor spirit worship." The sorcerers promptly performed some kind of ritual at the school and allegedly cast out whatever dark forces had affixed themselves to the girls.

While one might think that the principal's unorthodox solution to the problem would be applauded by his bosses, it turns out that they were not too pleased with his outside-the-box answer to the 'mass possession.' Upon hearing of the story, a member of the education board called for an investigation into the case. Meanwhile, a leading rationalist in the area lambasted the administrator, saying "an educated individual should have the sense to distinguish between superstition and facts."

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