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Hippo Murder May Be a Hoax!

Hippo Murder May Be a Hoax!

The tragic tale of a beloved hippo murdered at a zoo in El Salvador has taken a scandalous twist as it now appears that the animal actually died of neglect!

Earlier this week, the world reacted with outrage when it was reported that the massive creature, named Gustavito, died from injuries inflicted by a gang of thugs that had broken into the zoo and attacked the hippo.

To some, the incredibly strange caper sounded unbelievable and their suspicions seem to have been confirmed.

An autopsy on the animal revealed that there were no stab wounds on the hippos body, contrasting the story initially relayed by zoo officials, and that the animal likely died due to an illness in its lung.

Although one government official didn't rule out the possibility that the attack really happened, the investigation so far seems to say otherwise and activists are calling for honest answers from the zoo.

Whether Gustavito will see justice from the hereafter remains to be seen as the mystery of the creature's tragic demise has only deepened with this latest development.

Source: AFP

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