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Hoagland Chat Excerpt

Hoagland Chat Excerpt

Richard C. Hoagland of Enterprise Mission(1) chatted with Streamlink(2) members as our special guest in this past week's Live Chat with George. Here are some excerpts from the dialogue:
RCH, are you absolutely convinced that the Mars photos show evidence of fossils and metal cased objects or do you think more research is needed?
Richard C. Hoagland
More research, natch. :)
Richard C. Hoagland
Let me expand ....
Richard C. Hoagland
What really bothered me about the Space.com piece is that I carefully explained to Britt what KIND of further tests would let us KNOW about all this. And he simply ignored those scientific steps. It was a political slant, through and through ....
RCH, should be known as "The Man On Fire" I do so enjoy your passion. I uphold your efforts, you are a wonderful example of "grass roots"
Richard C. Hoagland
Only works if those roots REALLY want to grow .... :)
Could HAARP be used as a planetary defense weapon against meteorites, comets, etc?
Richard C. Hoagland
Not likely ... unless there was a scalar component. :)
LOL! RCH inside a virtual fan mob!
RCH- I like what you do, and I like what you say on the show. Tell us do you believe in little green men, or little grey men?
Richard C. Hoagland
It's not a matter of "belief." It's a matter of trying to find out ... amid all the rabid disinformation out there.
RCH, I am a microbiologist and I have to say I am severely disappointed in the NASA rover missions. We already knew water is there. It seems like the Europeans are just doing better science without politics. Did you hear on their planned rover they are sending the Pasteur package to search for micro life? How come NASA can't do the same thing.
Richard C. Hoagland
You nailed it: politics. They CAN'T "discover" life yet ... they have 20 more years of robotic probes to fund (and salaries to pay ...). :)
Richard do you believe that we evolved on earth because of a race that might have lived on Mars at one time?
Richard C. Hoagland
I'm unclear on your question. If you mean, are we here because our great, great, great, great, grandmothers came from Mars ... maybe. :)
Richard what is your greatest memory of Walter Cronkite ?
Richard C. Hoagland
The night, after Apollo 13 landed safely in the Pacific, when he came into the control room in front of ALL the staff ... and hugged me. he said, "Next time, Dick. We'll make it next time ...." Will NEVER forget that ....
Red Riding Hood
Richard, do you ever sleep? You're a very busy man.
Richard C. Hoagland
Sometimes .... when Robin drugs my Pepsi.
Dana In LA
RCH, isn't it far more likely that we will find microbes or microbe fossils than archeological ruins. After all, complex life arose on earth in only the last 10% of its history, and civilization in the last .00002%. That stacks the odds pretty high against you, doesn't it?
Richard C. Hoagland
That's thinking the Earth is typical. We have NO data if life evolution/intervention here is typical .. or highly abnormal. So, Mars is really a clean slate. it's supposed to TEACH us something, not be a place to flaunt our Earthly prejudices. :)
do you think the new planet is planet x?
Richard C. Hoagland
No. But, did you know that the name that the CalTech folks have given it -- Sedna -- is REALLY weird. I mean ... wait for it ... "The Goddess of Victims." Now what's THAT all about ... in terms of timing ...?
Streamlink(2) members can read the full transcript here.

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2. http://archive.coasttocoastam.com/streamlink/about.html
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