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Hoagland Transcript Excerpts

 Hoagland Transcript Excerpts

Richard C. Hoagland(1) was our special guest in Streamlink's(2) Live Chat on Tuesday night. Below are some excerpts from the in-depth Q & A. Members can view the entire transcript(3).

Thanks for sharing with us tonight Richard......You used to work for NASA...it was a real beacon of pride for us in the 60's ....is there still the same sort of pride for people that work there now?......I get the sense that it is demoralized.
Richard C. Hoagland
NASA used to be a GREAT place to work ... even as a consultant. Now ... one has to wonder. The people I still know are great, but what's missing is great leadership. Griffin is doing his best (he's the best since Webb, in my opinion), but if you don't truly have the backing of the White House .... Well ....

Where do you see the shuttle program going in the future? It seems that the last flight was somewhat "successful".
Richard C. Hoagland
I have a "bad feeling" about the shuttle ... still. In fact, the last flight just made that feeling worse. I do NOT think NASA will be flying the shuttle 'til 2010 -- as they say they want to. I think it will be scrubbed LONG before .... We'll just have to see if I'm right.

Hey Richard, it's a great privilege to chat with you. What do you think of Neil Adams growing Earth hypothesis? Thanks.
Richard C. Hoagland
I'm intrigued. There's a lot of crossover to some aspects of the Hyperdimensional Physics Hypothesis -- like, where is the "extra energy" coming out of planets going -- so I'm poking around in some of the more technical presentations of the idea. Neal is the first to admit he didn't invent the hypothesis, but he really makes it understandable ... and fun. :)

I have caught snippets of talk about Joshua Tree. In general, what is the focus of the conference, and what pictures?
Richard C. Hoagland
Joshua Tree is all about "what could be coming in 2012." There's a major link at the top of the Enterprise website, which clicks you over to pages of explanation, other speakers, the Native American dance ceremonies we'll be holding outside under a desert full Moon, etc., etc. And-- there's a new button right on the Main "Coast" website ... which goes to the same info. Enjoy. :)

So Richard, do you still think the face on Mars is a face on Mars?
Richard C. Hoagland
Of course, now more than ever. The latest images are totally confirmatory of STRUCTURAL details. And the expected MRO images this Fall will nail it.

I was watching Sci-Fi's Eureka tonight. They showed a picture of the moon. It had a huge "shine" on it they said was a mirror. I thought of you and the Spire. Any news on that?
Richard C. Hoagland
We'll be showing some amazing new images we've found of scores of unmistakable artifacts on the Moon at Joshua Tree ... one of which will really set everyone back on their heels. That's the one that George will REALLY flip over. After you see that, there will be NO DOUBT: the Moon once had visitors ... who left us AMAZING things .... :) I think that's why we're "suddenly" -- after over 30 years-- "going back" .. .to head off the Indians, the Chinese, the Russians, the Japanese, etc., etc., from getting their hands on what's there .... That "plan" will be detailed -- with stunning images and evidence -- at Joshua Tree .... :)

Hello from Vancouver BC; Richard do you have a fascination or special interest in Sirius, aka the Dog Star?
Richard C. Hoagland
Yes, for a variety of reasons -- starting with the Egyptian identification of Sirius with ISIS .. and ending with the startling possibility, which I'll be speaking about at the CPAK Conference at the University of California, just a week after Joshua Tree, that we (the Sun and star system) might, in fact, be in a VERY long orbit of Sirius! Film at eleven .... :)

Richard, everything I have been reading lately says we are going to have a really bad solar storm season this cycle. What do you see and hear about it?
Richard C. Hoagland
With a name like that, my dear, I'm not surprised .... :) Yes, the HD Physics model says that the "run-up" to 2012 will be a MAJOR solar cycle. Full explanation of the effects at ... Joshua Tree! :)

Richard, will man walk on Mars in the next 20 years....I want to be alive to see it!
Richard C. Hoagland
It all depends on us. How ACTIVE we all are in DEMANDING the kind of manned (sorry gals ...) space program that we deserve .... Let Griffin know that you want immediate declassification of ALL the artifact images from both Mars AND the Moon ... and immediate release of the Iapetus images in September, 2007. If enough people realize what's REALLY waiting for us in the solar system, we'll have people [ :) ] on Mars a LOT sooner that currently planned .... :)

Would these new pictures blow away even some of us who are still quite skeptical about ruins on the moon?
Richard C. Hoagland
Absolutely! NO QUESTION. Because, you can't argue that they are artificial, that they're on the Moon, that they were officially photographed by NASA ... and that THEY DO NOT BELONG THERE. Joshua Tree will be a "defining moment" for that model .... Stay tuned. :)

Are there any reports of people being able to detect any lunar anomalies from Earth, with either a backyard telescope or binoculars? I've heard rumors of dust clouds indicating some kind of construction from certain craters. Any validity to these claims? Do you think we are there building anti-ET weapons as a black op?
Richard C. Hoagland
I have seen some images -- CCD images -- from earth, with fairly large amateur telescopes (20 inches and larger), which seem to be able to detect some anomalies. As the technology for image stabilization, adaptive optics, etc., gets better ... and cheaper! -- more amateurs are going to be recording things that are only now visible on the NASA/Soviet/ESA images. Stay tuned on that front too.... :)

1. http://www.enterprisemission.com
2. http://archive.coasttocoastam.com/streamlink/about.html
3. http://archive.coasttocoastam.com/member/chatLog_2006-08-22.html

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