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'Horn House' Showcases Massive Antler Collection

Spawned from a childhood fascination with antlers that evolved into a full blown obsession as an adult, a Montana man has created an amazing roadside attraction showcasing his enormous collection of horns.

James Phillips has amassed an astounding 15,000 pairs of antlers as well as horns and skulls over the last 60 years.

In order to properly catalog the collection, Phillips constructed a 30 by 64 foot building affectionately dubbed 'Jim's Horn House.'

Inside the unassuming building, a seemingly endless array of horns line the walls from top to bottom and across the entire ceiling.

Clearly proud of his incredible collection, Phillips has opened up the 'Horn House' to visitors wishing to admire the remarkable array of antlers.

Although Phillips has hunted antler-clad animals from time to time, he mostly acquires the horns by searching the landscape for sets that have been naturally shed by the creatures.

Despite the arduous process and the five decades spent accumulating antlers, Phillips appears to have no desire to stop searching for new and interesting pieces for his collection.

While its not a set of antlers, we can think of one oddity that may interest Phillips, provided he can wrest it away from its owner.

Source: Daily Mail

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