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House for Sale in Welsh 'UFO Triangle'

House for Sale in Welsh 'UFO Triangle'

Forget owning a haunted house, a property in Wales that recently went on the market boasts an even more paranormal selling point: it was once the site of an alleged UFO landing!

Formerly the Fort Haven Hotel, the home served as the scene of a strange story surrounding an alien encounter in 1977.

In April of that year, Rosa Granville claimed to have been awoken in the middle of the night by a disturbance outside the house and spied both a UFO and two ETs lurking next to the house.

Despite the fantastic nature of Granville's story, a subsequent letter from her about the incident to the Ministry of Defense was taken seriously and actually investigated by officials.

Although the witness contended that there were landing marks from the craft in the yard, the MOD investigator could not find any such evidence and dismissed the case as possibly the work of pranksters.

Nonetheless, Granville's daughter, who is now selling the property, insists that her mother would not have made up such an outlandish tale.

Regardless of the source of the odd event, it appears that the area was experiencing a remarkable UFO flap around that time.

One particularly intriguing case involved a group of schoolchildren and their headmaster also purportedly seeing a UFO landing.

The incidents, as well as a number of other UFO sightings, led to the region being dubbed the 'Broad Haven Triangle' for his purported preponderance of flying saucer activity.

Should one wish to purchase the property in the hopes that the aliens will come back, the asking price is currently around $1.7 million dollars.

Given the unpredictable nature of ETs, we're not exactly sure that's a sound investment, but the property does look amazing.

Coast Insiders who want to learn more about the rich history of UFO events in Wales can check out Lionel Fanthorpe's 7/12/12 appearance on the program.

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Source: itv.com / BBC News

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