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'Hoverboard Dentist' in Hot Water

'Hoverboard Dentist' in Hot Water

A dentist in Alaska faces a litany of charges after authorities say he pulled out a patient's tooth while riding a hoverboard!

Following a lengthy investigation that involved both the FBI and DEA, Seth Lookhart was arrested for numerous crimes involving fraudulent medical charges as well as the worrisome-sounding "unlawful dental acts."

The latter allegations against Lookhart are particularly bizarre as investigators claim that the dentist filmed himself on a hoverboard in his office and then extracting the tooth of an unwitting patient while riding the device.

Because one cannot simply keep such a video to themselves, Lookhart allegedly forward the footage to friends and boasted that it was "a new standard of care."

As one might expect and fear, the unfortunate former owner of the lost tooth told authorities that she had no recollection of the hoverboard or that Lookhart filmed the procedure.

One of the disgraced dentist's co-workers is also accused of illegally filming a patient's tooth removal without their permission and sharing the video with friends, who probably weren't too thrilled to have been texted the unsettling footage.

Beyond the bizarre hoverboard incident, Lookhart faces over a dozen other charges involving various nefarious financial dealings that authorities say his practice committed.

While it's unlikely that Lookhart will be seeing any new patients in the future, perhaps his antics will inspire other dentists to adopt hoverboard idea as a way of helping uneasy kids get over their fear of the dentist.

Source: Anchorage Dispatch News

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