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Huge Hotel Plunges Into River

In dramatic footage from Peru, a three-story hotel goes from idyllic vacation destination to a pile of rubble when the building plummets into a raging river.

The incredible scene unfolded in the Peruvian town of Lircay which, along many other parts of the country, has been battered by torrential rains that have caused rivers to swell.

The perilous conditions caught up with the 200-year-old hotel La Hacienda which had, until now, sat on the edge of the Sicra River and, no doubt, boasted a delightful view for its guests.

After an astounding 10 hours of rain on Wednesday, officials in Lircay realized that La Hacienda may not make it through the storm and evacuated the building.

Their concerns proved to be correct as, with amazed onlookers watching, the huge hotel slowly teeters on the brink of collapse and then swiftly falls into the water.

Unfortunately, the destruction of the centuries-old building may be the first of many as weather experts expect the heavy rains to continue pounding Peru until April.

So if you're planning a vacation to the country in the next few months, keep that in mind when you book your hotel.

Source: Sky News

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