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Human Skull Auctions Banned by eBay

Following a troubling study from the Department of Justice, online auction site eBay has banned its users from selling human skulls!

The agency spent seven months watching the website to get a better understanding of the marketplace for these odd items and developed some unsettling findings.

Over the course of their investigation, an incredible 454 skulls were posted on eBay for sale by 237 different vendors from around the world.

Ostensibly the skulls were to be sold for medical use, per eBay's terms of service, but since no such proof was required, the craniums were up for grabs to anyone looking to own one.

And despite more than three dozen states having laws preventing the sale of human remains, it appears that these regulations were never enforced with regards to transactions done on the website.

Additionally, since about 20 percent of the skulls came from international locations, there was the distinct possibility that their original owners had been political prisoners or other unfortunate individuals.

Ironically, the DoJ report suggested that eBay should not prevent the skulls from being sold, since the highly visible website would allow for easier surveillance of the sales.

However the company was clearly uneasy with the findings and opted to put an end to the ghoulish auctions.

So if you are in the market for a human skull, you may just have to procure it the old fashioned way: grave robbing.

Source: New Scientist

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