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Hundreds of Ancient Amazon Geoglyphs Discovered

An astounding study on mysterious geoglyphs found in the Amazon jungle has uncovered more than 450 such ancient monuments located there and reveals new insights into how the earthworks were created.

Archeologist Jennifer Watling identified the plethora of sites by utilizing Google Earth as well as drones to spot the ancient landmarks which have become more apparent in the area as a result of deforestation.

Intriguingly, the design of the earthworks bears an uncanny resemblance to the legendary Stonehenge monument found in England and some of the sites are believed to have been built as far back as 2,000 year ago.

Among the intriguing aspects of these monuments which Watling noted in her findings is that the sites contained almost no remnants of the culture from the people who used them, suggesting that the earthworks were likely used for ceremonial rituals rather than everyday living.

But perhaps most remarkable of all the details from the study came from an examination of the soil surrounding the sites.

Watling determined that, unlike modern humans who tend towards widespread deforestation, the creators of the earthworks were careful to only cut down vegetation in an area large enough for the monument while cultivating the forest around them.

In a paper presenting her work, she argued that the earthworks of the Amazon should serve as an example of how civilization can live alongside nature in a harmonious way.

We'll see how that holds up now that the word is out about the geoglyphs and the area starts getting flooded with tourists.

Source: Seeker

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