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Hungry Bear Attempts Break-In

The smell of brownies being baked at a house in Connecticut spawned a terrifying attempt at a home invasion by a hungry bear.

The strange incident occurred in the town of Avon this past weekend when an unnamed woman was cooking the chocolaty treats.

The delicious smell wafted through the nearby woods and caught the attention of a bear that apparently has a sweet tooth.

In search of the brownies, the bear the ventured to the home and began trying to break get inside by pressing up against a glass door.

Although pictures of the bear during its attempted break-in are rather amusing, a neighbor who witnessed the episode says that the creature was actually quite angry at not being able to get inside the house.

In fact, the bear was so determined to get the brownies that it tried two other sets of doors at the house!

However, by the time police arrived, the creature had given up its fruitless quest and had ambled off into the woods with nothing more than a story about the brownies that had gotten away.

Source: WFSB

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