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Ian Punnett Transcript

Ian Punnett Transcript

Saturday host of Coast to Coast AM, Ian Punnett(1) was our special guest in Streamlink's(2) Live Chat on Tuesday night. Below are excerpts from the Q & A; members can view the entire transcript(3).

Ian what do you think of those Oscar and JC people that are always bugging Art and George, and have you ever had any experiences with strange repeat callers?
Ian Punnett
I think JC is interesting but I only get to hear an hour of George's show every night. I catch Art now and again.
Other than history Ian, what is your favorite thing to talk on?
Ian Punnett
Thank you for asking. I love C2C topics. I am insatiably curious about things of which I have no experience. I love the subject of religion and spirituality and indulge myself in that topic whenever I'm given the chance.
Ian, its seems that the best way to stay on top of things is through the net, what if any, news sites do you recommend?
Ian Punnett
I cruise A LOT. You start with your basics like Fark.com and Drudge but I also like the Romenesko sites like Obscurestore.com and its companions. I google more than anything.
Ian, I know that you're attending (attended?) seminary, but from your teachings, can you tell me the way you can have your religious belief and on Saturdays talk to satanists and witches?
Ian Punnett
Thanks for asking. After working with radio executives for years, Satanists were easy.
Maybe it's the beer Ian, but, I just got to say, I've really gotten to like you as a host. We have the same basic fundamental ideals and I really enjoy your sense of humor. Though, as a theologian, do you find some of the ideas and theories from Coast to Coast guests counter basic biblical principals?
Ian Punnett
Darn it, I keep hitting enter! Theology just means "talk about God" or "words about God" so that includes a lot of topics with me. I am one who can hold a lot of ideas in tension with my own beliefs and not lose sight of what anchors me in my faith. So, no, I can talk about anything without much conflict. In fact, airing it out often makes my faith stronger.
Ian, have you ever had an out of body experience?
Ian Punnett
Yes, I used to have OBEs a lot as a child/teenager. I mentioned that the other night. I stopped having them as I got older/dumber?
Ian, do you believe in reincarnation?
Ian Punnett
I do not "believe" in it like I believe in God but I have always considered it and still do. There is a lot of interesting anecdotal evidence for it and many obscure references in the Bible that need further discussion. Same thing in the Dead Sea Scrolls.
Do you think the documents/discoveries/scholarship of Glenn Kimball warrants a new, expanded Cannon?
Ian Punnett
Canon, just to be accurate, unless you mean the TV detective and I think he was expanded far enough. No, I think the criteria for the selection of the material still holds up pretty well but it's a little too detailed to get into here. Besides, just because it's not in the Bible doesn't mean we cannot read it and be inspired by it. And who would do it anyway? Scholars? The Sunday School Board? The Vatican? William Conrad? There is no single authority to be trusted with that anymore.
Ian, are you going to get a PHD in Theology?
Ian Punnett
I would LOVE to do that someday. I keep threatening my boys that I'm going to go back to college when they do and live in their dorm and hang out with their friends and be in some of their classes and, hey, wait, kids, where are you going? Daddy was just getting to the part where we could drive around and honk the horn at women and stuff . . .guys!
Ian...what have you seen in the way of "paranormal"? I use this word for a lack of a better one at the moment.
Ian PunnettI totally get it. I have spoken of my experiences watching a UFO over Lake Michigan. That was formative to me. I think I have seen a ghost. I've been in a couple of séances where something creepy happened (but it could have just been the guy next to me with his hand on my thigh).
What's your take on the hurricane weapon conspiracy theory?
Ian Punnett
More questions than answers right now. To wit, if we have the technology, why do this to ourselves? If the technology exists for others to do it, why NOLA and MS and AL for God's sakes? I grieve for the Gulf Coast and think it's one of our family's favorite vacation spots but I have a hard time picturing the country that sees the profit in wiping out the "Redneck Riviera," as it's called. If somebody has the technology to do it, why don't we have the tech to undo it? The Qs go on.
Do you believe in extraterrestrials?
Ian Punnett
I think about ET's. I believe in my faith. I never equate the two. My faith requires an element of risk. "Believing" in ETs is like believing in rhinos or something. They either exist or they don't, but it doesn't require my "belief." Does that make sense? Anyway, it's the best I can do. I'm upside down in my fascination with ETs.

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