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Idaho Woman Crashes Her Car and Says Bigfoot is to Blame!

Idaho Woman Crashes Her Car and Says Bigfoot is to Blame!

Authorities with Idaho's Latah County Sheriff's Office were surprised this past week when a woman walked into their headquarters and said that she had crashed her car because she had spotted Bigfoot!

The strange incident occurred on Wednesday evening when the driver allegedly saw something chasing deer along the highway.

When she passed the perplexing pursuit, the woman looked in her rear view mirror and saw a bipedal, hairy beast that stood an astounding 7 or 8 feet tall.

Amazed by what she was witnessing, the driver did not take her eyes off of the creature in the mirror, which led to her smashing into a deer that had run into the road.

Incredibly, the woman continued onward with her trip to pick up her husband and, after that, headed directly to the sheriff's office to report the bizarre event.

Considering the potential ridicule she was willing to endure and the fact that she reported the incident to police when she presumably did not have to, it stands to reason that the woman genuinely believes that she saw Bigfoot and did not fabricate the story.

In response to her report, police did check out the area where the encounter allegedly occurred, but found nothing in the way of Bigfoot evidence at the scene.

The driver came out of the accident with only a minor neck injury, some damage to her vehicle, and a story she'll carry with her for a lifetime.

With that in mind, the most unfortunate player in the story is probably the poor deer, who apparently escaped the clutches of Bigfoot only to fall victim to a distracted driver seconds later.

Source: Pullman Radio

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