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In the News 3/13/15

In the News 3/13/15

After successfully creating test tube hamburgers, scientists have moved on to the even trickier task of making chicken meat in the lab. As such fabricated foods evolve, producers might take note that in the animal kingdom, not all animal blood is red. National Geographic points out that some octopi have blue blood, while a lizard in New Guinea called a skink has blood that runs green.

Construction in London at the new Liverpool Street rail station will involve the excavation of some 3,000 skeletons buried in the cemetery of the 16th century 'Bethlem' hospital. The facility was so notorious in its treatment of patients that it's where the word "bedlam" originated. A new epoch has been proposed by scientists. Called the Anthropocene, it's a new geological time frame starting in 1610 that marks the "Age of Man," with the Europeans arrival in the Americas. Does cold weather affect people's psyches? Yes, in five weird ways, according to LiveScience.

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