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In the News 3/17/15

In the News 3/17/15

A fascinating new theory about the origin of Stonehenge posits that the monument functioned like "an ancient Mecca on stilts" with the megalithic stones serving as the foundation for a vast platform or altar. Over in Israel, a unique bronze mask of the Greek god Pan has been unearthed and is believed to be some 2,000 years old. The mask of the half-man/half-goat is larger than a human head and has horns hidden in its locks of hair.

One of the Mars One project's Top 100 finalists, ex-NASA researcher Joseph Roche, is speaking out and raising criticisms of how the program is being run. Meanwhile over on Venus, researchers may finally have an answer about the huge and baffling "Y" shaped structure that covers much of the planet. A new research team has weighed in on the Himalayan Yeti mystery, suggesting that RNA samples from the site may actually be from common brown bears.

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