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In the News 3/3/15

In the News 3/3/15

An international team of astronomers have discovered a galaxy that shouldn't exist. The object called A1689-zD1, a small, young galaxy, should be free of interstellar dust, yet it's filled with it. An anomaly closer to home concerns the small percentage of people who are able to function on just a small amount of sleep. The Science of Us interviews "short sleeper" Jenn Schwaner. Did you know that Earth had a second moon? That's what some call Cruithne, a tiny comet-like body that orbits our planet in an odd horseshoe pattern. As the one-year anniversary of missing flight MH-370 approaches, GQ reports on the confounding void, and disturbing truths that are emerging. What has been found, is a lost city in the Honduran Rain Forest, revealing a vanished culture.

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