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India's 'Hair Panic' Engulfs Kashmir

The panic surrounding hair-cutting 'ghosts' in India has spread to the already-volatile Kashmir region of the country where tensions surrounding the attacks have reached a fever pitch.

Since the series of strange incidents began back during the summer, nearly a hundred women have reported falling victim to mysterious individuals or entities that cut off their braided hair and a handful of unfortunate people have been killed by mobs looking for the ne'er-do-wells behind the attacks.

Although the initial odd events were attributed to some kind of paranormal entity, it is suspected that the sinister deeds have now been adopted by human aggressors hoping to sow discord in the community.

Should that be the case, it would appear that, unfortunately, their plan is working as the emergence of 'braid choppers' in Kashmir has fueled tensions between the disputed territory and the Indian government that controls it.

Specifically, both nationalists and those who wish for Kashmir to be separate from the country see the hair-cutting attacks as part of a large conspiracy theory conjured up by their political foes.

Each group argues that their opposition force is using the incidents to stifle the other side and, as a result, the suspicions have begun boiling over into the streets with clashes erupting between police and vigilante citizens.

The situation has reached such a nadir that authorities in Kashmir are even offering a reward of around $10,000 dollars to anyone who can help bring the 'braid choppers' to justice and restore some semblance of peace in the region.

Source: BBC News

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