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Infamous Dyatlov Pass Claims New Victim

Infamous Dyatlov Pass Claims New Victim

The Russian mountain range which infamously claimed the lives of nine hikers under mysterious circumstances in 1959 has reportedly taken another victim.

Tourists visiting Dyatlov Pass in the Ural Mountains discovered the body of a hiker on Friday and reported it to emergency services.

However, difficult weather conditions have so far made it impossible for authorities to reach the area and investigate the discovery.

Dyatlov Pass holds a special place in esoteric lore for the mystifying circumstances by which nine hikers died there in 1959.

The infamous incident has puzzled researchers for decades due to the inexplicable behavior of the hikers who seemingly dashed from their tents in the dead of night.

With no shoes or clothing to protect them from the subzero temperatures, the hikers subsequently perished, albeit while also sporting mysterious injuries that further compounded the confusion over what had caused their frantic escape attempt.

An investigation by Russian authorities was fraught with evidence collection errors and competing political agendas, leading many to conclude the true cause of the incident was covered up.

Theories surrounding clandestine weapons tests, UFOs and even Yeti were put forward by researchers, but the case of Dyaltov Pass remains unsolved to this day.

Whether this latest victim also perished under mysterious circumstances or simply died from more natural causes remains unknown until authorities can reach the body and decipher was downed the hiker.

Coast Insiders in search of more information on Dyatlov Pass should check out appearances on the program by authors Keith McCloskey and Donnie Eichar, who both shared their research into the bizarre case.

Source: RT

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