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Infamous English Ghost Photographed?

A paranormal researcher in England believes that she has captured visual evidence of a legendary ghost dubbed the 'Black Monk of Pontefract.'

The entity gained infamy in the 1960's when a family in the town of West Yorkshire claimed they were being tormented by a poltergeist that occasionally manifested itself in the form of a figure wearing a hooded robe.

Since that time, the tale of the 'Black Monk' has become one of England's most notorious hauntings and the home where it is said to reside has frequently been the site of paranormal investigations.

During one such 'ghost hunt,' researcher Claire Cowell took a remarkable photograph which appears to show a cloaked arm holding an object that some interpret to be Rosary beads.

Cowell says that the investigation that evening had already been rife with odd activity, including objects moving on their own and unexplained noises being heard.

Towards the end of the night, as the investigation was winding down, Cowell went to the kitchen to get a glass of water when she heard yet another odd noise and took a picture of where she thought it came from in the room.

According to researchers, the eerie 'ghost arm' appears exactly where the Black Monk was said to lurk and had previously attacked one of the homeowners.

Cowell insists that there were no shenanigans surrounding the photo and that she is stumped by what, other than the Black Monk, could have caused it.

While ghost researchers are hailing the image as the best photo ever taken of the entity, skeptics will no doubt argue that it is simply a photographic error rather than proof of the pesky poltergeist.

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Source: Mirror

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