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Inside Area 51's Secret Neighbor

Inside Area 51's Secret Neighbor

While Area 51 has become an iconic symbol of UFO secrecy, a little-known air base only a few miles from the facility has managed to hide in plain sight.

However an investigation by the Las Vegas Review-Journal has uncovered some rare insights into the top secret location known colloquially as 'Area 6.'

Despite boasting a 5,000 foot runway which can be seen from a distance as well as images of the base being available via Google Earth, Area 6 has remained largely unknown by not only UFO enthusiasts but also security experts.

Based on the scant information that has been made public, it is believed to be a test site for secret government projects involving unmanned aerial vehicles as well as sensors for detecting hazardous materials.

A specialist from the defense industry surmised, upon examining the Google images of Area 6, that the UAVs being tested at Area 6 are likely small craft used to observe relatively barren terrain.

Protected by very little security compared to its infamous neighbor, it would appear that those looking for UFO secrets are unlikely to find any at Area 6.

Then again, maybe that's just what they want us to think.

Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal

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