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Inside the Mind of the Unabomber

Inside the Mind of the Unabomber

An investigative report examining the vast archive of prison letters written by and sent to Ted Kacyzynski reveals remarkable insights into the mind of the man infamously dubbed 'The Unabomber.'

Compiled by Yahoo, the series of articles examines correspondence from Kaczynski over the last twenty years since he was arrested in 1996 for his spree of bombings that terrorized the nation.

The enormous archive of Unabomber letters comes from the University of Michigan's Labadie Collection, which documents social protest movements.

Curators of the collection originally contacting Kaczynski asking if he would donate his writings to the university and were surprised when he began forwarding them hundreds of letters he had both received and written from prison.

The Unabomber letters now constitute a stunning 90 boxes in the Labadie Collection and offer a staggering amount of thoughts from the man who's anti-technology worldview led him to mailing bombs to unsuspecting victims throughout the 1980's and 90's.

Among the insights uncovered by Yahoo's extensive study of the Unabomber letters are that the killer seemingly fell in love with one of his prison pen pals and was crushed when she died of cancer in 2006.

In another exchange, Kaczynski dispels the longstanding theory that he was the Zodiac killer, writing "crackpot" atop a letter from someone who asking if there was a connection between the two.

The convicted bomber also carried on a correspondence with a class of college students in Alabama where he inadvertently amused them by confessing that he had no idea what YouTube was and expressed disgust at the concept of 'going viral.'

However, even the notoriously anti-technology zealot has been forced to adapt to modern times.

Kacyznski has ironically written to people asking them to find former acquaintances on Facebook and suggests to fans wishing to send him books that they use Amazon.

Other tidbits contained in the letters include the Unabomber's thoughts on 9/11 and his portrayal in the media as well as mundane complaints about his prison food and revelations about his friendships with other notorious killers also housed at the Supermax prison.

Much like the murderer's notorious manifesto, the archive will likely prove to be too much information for the layperson to explore, but will probably provide a wealth of material for academics to study for years to come.

And, chances are, the collection will only grow as Kacyznski continues to write missives from behind the bars of his jail cell.

Source: The Unabomber Letters - A Yahoo News Special Report

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