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Iraqi Mystic Claims Trump is Possessed by a Jinn!

Iraqi Mystic Claims Trump is Possessed by a Jinn!

A self-proclaimed healer in Iraq has declared that President Trump's mercurial nature is an indication that he is possessed by a jinn!

Mala Ali Kalak warns that the notorious evil entities, deeply feared in the Middle East, have somehow attached themselves to the recently-inaugurated president.

The rogue religious figure laments that, unless the jinn can be vanquished, Trump will act increasingly aggressive and possibly bring about his own demise.

Fortunately, as luck might have it, Kalak claims that he possesses the power to cure any disease including the terrifying jinn possession.

No doubt hoping to avert a global disaster, the mystic has volunteered to come to America and provide his help to free the president from the sinister influence of the jinn.

For those wondering how he might pull off such a feat, Kalak revealed that it is simply a matter of beating the soles of Trump's feet and, thus, driving the jinn back to the nightmare world from whence it came.

While we wait to see if the White House will take him up on the offer, Coast Insiders can learn more on the infamous jinn by checking out appearances on the program by author Rosemary Ellen Guiley and researcher Robert Stanley.

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Source: Daily Star

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